Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy february!

ah, the loveliest month of the year. welcome, come to lift us from our january drear!

i have a 7:30 class on t/th mornings. i relish these mornings. the frosty hike up the hill to my psychology class as the sun rises pink over the purple mountains to the crisp icy blue skies. time to welcome the day.

today was especially frigid, though. we're talking a high of about 18 for the day. so, yes, around 8 frostbitten degrees while i was having my excited february musings as i wandered back to the music building for the rest of the day.

i needed to grab something from the marriott library, so i ran in and took care of that and treated myself to a burning hot vanilla steamer. classic. and oh-so-warming-to-the-chilled-bone. as i stepped back out into the wind, i smiled to myself. students running, flustered, upset at the sudden temperature drop. but it only served to heighten my thrills for the coming month: february! love has returned to life. (was it ever really gone?) the freezing air brought back crystal clear blue skies, sun, giant white fluffy clouds, and a (however distant), hope for the nearing spring. i soaked in where i was, where i walked, that i can actually walk here, the daily opportunities with which i am blessed, and i took another sip of my steamer.

welcome, dear february.


  1. This is what I'm talking about! Love it. You, my dear, are meant to be a song-writer. I love your outlook and optimism on life. Thank you for sharing sunshine with the rest of us gloomy clouds. :)

  2. What a great post! I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks to Bree. What a wonderful way to look at life on this day. xoxo

  3. Loved this post! It made me think of bone-chilling cold, rainy mornings in Seattle during my last stint in grad school, when the first place I'd head when I got off the bus was to Parnassus, University of Washington Art School's resident coffee shop. Burning hot sugar-free hazelnut steamer for me, then off to class next door in the Music Building. Sometimes I wish we had a "Parnassus" that close to Gardner Hall!