Monday, February 7, 2011


to celebrate the life of a dear one: my definition of delight.

to celebrate your own life with dear ones? yes, please!

i have a mother who places great emphasis on studying personalities. benefits for us kids? endless. benefits for our birthdays? tailor-made perfection. it has made me a lover of all things surprise, anticipation, and excitement--whether for myself or anyone else. this birthday was no less than this: a day/weekend of loveliness. because why only celebrate one day when you could make it last the weekend??

an early day with just class: theory, voice, choir. then mamma & pedicures! thank the heavens for whoever founded this industry.

then a stop at les madeleines:

then of course, what birthday is complete without a stop in heaven for a few hours?

a gift from dad:

main street park city dinner. oh the romance.

then waking up to chocolate, as i believe every girl should on her birthday weekend:

curling up with shakespeare's sonnets:

and culminating the grand adventure with a night of crepes, dear friends, and hello. more chocolate.

truly, however, as i believe life is to be celebrated each & every day of the year, a birthday is just my excuse to bask in it even more. or ok maybe a lot more. but also to thank the angels in my acquaintance that make my life such sheer bliss. thank you for teaching, guiding, leading, laughing, talking, comforting. for your patience, examples, and giving of yourselves.

you make my february 4th complete every year.

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