Monday, April 9, 2012

there's the rub

[a poem: inspired by hamlet.]

a glimpse.

often it's all we're given.
"to be or not to be?"
but how are we to find the answer
if the questions don't all agree?

"be it nobler in the mind to suffer"
or in the flesh to work out our salvation,
"while the heart-aches, and the thousand natural shocks"
come of their own, or our own creation?

do i "take arms against a sea of troubles"
or tarry in the patience of hope or sleep
to find "a consummation devoutly to be wished"
beyond what i dare to fathom in the deep?

"thus conscience does make cowards of us all,"
where are my thoughts allowed to flee?
who is ruler, who lays claim--
is it he or is it she?

i choose to wait. to rest
and thick shadows may engulf but "there's the rub,"
that as i sleep and pray and wait
i know not --

what dreams may come.

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